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Our Heritage

Hainsworth has successfully created fabrics for over 225 years and has been run as a family concern for seven generations, in Pudsey, Yorkshire using only the finest natural materials.

1783 - The Hainsworth story is the history of one of the oldest companies in the United Kingdom, tracing its roots to 1783 when Abimelech Hainsworth, ‘Old Bim’, started his clothiers business. ‘Old Bim’ collected cloth woven by handloom weavers in their cottages and transported it by horse and cart to Leeds Coloured Cloth Hall – The cloth had been ‘dyed in the wool’ before spinning and weaving.


1800 - ‘Old Bim’ had saved enough money to rent Cape Mills and buy four acres of land at the bottom of Farsley Village. In partnership with his brother Joseph he began to employ handloom weavers.

History 2

1815 – When the might of Napoleon's Imperial Guard was bearing down on the British Lines at Waterloo, the ‘thin scarlet line’ was scarlet thanks to Hainsworth fabric. Hainsworth have supplied the British armed forces ever since then, ensuring excellence and quality is delivered when it is needed most.

1917 - The newly formed Royal Flying Corps wanted their own uniforms to differentiate themselves from the infantry. This worked well for all parties as Hainsworth had a bulk order of light blue cloth ordered by the Czar for his Cossack Regiments, however the revolution came and the order was revoked. Hainsworth supplied the cloth to the Royal Flying Corps hence giving the regiment the nickname the ‘Boys in Blue’ a name that the RAF retains today. 


1955 - Fire destroys much of the Mill in 1955.

History 4

1958 - Hainsworth buys William Lupton and Co from the Great Grandparents of Kate Middleton.

1968 - The Mill hit by flood.


1981 - Prince Charles wears Hainsworth cloth in the uniform worn at his wedding to Lady Diana Spencer, as do the Guards in their scarlet tunics lining the Mall.


2004 - Hainsworth was awarded the Royal Warrant for supplying Her Majesty the Queen with interior fabrics following the fire at Windsor castle in her Annus Horribilis 1992.

2008 - Hainsworth cloth used by Fashion designers such as Pierre Balmain, Paul Smith, Boudicca, Tim Soar and Chris Raeburn.

History 2008

2011 - Royal Wedding, Princes William and Harry wear Hainsworth cloth. An event with double meaning for Hainsworth with this and the connection to Kate Middleton through her Great Grand Parents and William Lupton and Co. Images courtesy of Kashket & Partners.

History 2011

Present - Scarlet and Argent launched by Hainsworth, created a collection of woollen blankets, throws and accessories which are timeless in style and exquisite in their detail.