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Designer Diaries – A Heritage Connection

We are very proud of our rich British heritage and the skill and dedication that goes into our work and that’s why we choose suppliers like Merrythought to work with on our Scarlet & Argent range.

Merrythought is a fourth generation family business which has been hand-making traditional teddy bears in the famous Ironbridge factory in Shropshire since 1930 and is now the last remaining British teddy bear manufacturer, celebrating their 85th anniversary this year!

We have worked with Merrythought for a number of years combining their skill and craftsmanship with ours to create our adorable Scarlet and Argent cashmere bears. We provide them with our finest cashmere, which comes from the delicate under belly wool brushed from a cashmere goat, and they use this luxurious cloth to craft our fully jointed bears, finishing them with our light grey melange melton cloth for contrast on the paws.

Each bear is lovingly handmade in England using traditional methods, just like our blankets and throws, giving them all a unique character and superior quality that will last for generations.

We have a lot in common with Merrythought, the family business, passed down through generations, strong British roots and, most importantly, the passion and dedication in making beautiful finished products for families to treasure forever.

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